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OFM Profile
OFM PROFILE    OFM: Owner Food Machinery Co. Ltd. was established in 1997 with produced, imported, and distributed food industrial machinery including with slaughter process. The OFM research and development team have strong ambient to create and develop OFM products continuously makes OFM brand products fit to all level customers such as food science academic and research institutes, medium and large scale food industries especially slaughtering machine and carcass dressing unit.        OFM has produced various kinds of food machine that previous background base on importing from foreign countries. The quality of OFM products are equal to imported machines and maybe better because we modify to fit with Thai culture and atmosphere but still reach international standard.         Globalization makes all technology grow rapidly and speedily, food machine industry is also developing continuously to fit customer need more and more.  This concept leads OFM to develop the production to response the target needs.OFM has been certified ISO9001 since 2008 and follow the ISO procedures sticky. We  grouping each sections to the same department by nature of job description as follow;    Department of machine production    Department of research and development    Department of administration, purchasing and storage    Department of sale promotion and customer relation    Department of installation, testing and service    Department of standard and quality assurance
OFM  Quality Policy and Vision       OFM established high quality products.       OFM products must be reached specific customer requirements.       OFM products must be on time delivery.       OFM aim to develop continuously. OFM Products : Quality production Develop as tailor made Customer specification in quotation is the staring point of our production step    OFM development improvement move forward rapidly to walk along with rapid technology.    OFM empower policy to push all staffs to upgrade and earn more knowledge continuously.    OFM try to keep all our family members at the right position and make them fit to their position.
OFM; What do we do?        OFM : The rapid and continuous development        OFM promote and engage our all level staffs to improve their skill and ability continuously.        OFM focus on skill and knowledge of our staffs that will effecting to our product quality. Staff skills rapidly improvement matches to OFM         products production directly.        OFM: Products development to support all customer requirements        OFM research and development department cooperate with design and planning department to develop new products or modified some         parts to make more benefit of machines to fit customer requirements.        OFM: The strong policy of production        OFM focus on customer request as the priority of our production. We try to design and produce the machine to fit individual target customer        such as machine size, production capacity and machine functions. Our active research and development team compose with basic of        engineering background and meat science and technology concept makes OFM products response the customer requirement as much as       we can.